About Me


My name is Nyssa Corney and I am a musician. My main instrument is the violin but I also sing and play a little guitar and piano. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) degree and my dream is to perform my own music on a world stage.

One of my goals is to write and sell my own music.

I aim to someday play at performance venues

around Brisbane and possibly around Australia.

I also aim to develop my producing skills so that I

can work in studios and produce my own music.

I have played violin for almost 11 years now. I am

currently involved in the Brisbane Regional Youth

Orchestra (BRYO). I have also been involved in

other ensembles and orchestras in programs

such as the State Honours Ensemble Program

(SHEP) and Musically Outstanding Students (MOST).

I took three music subjects in high school and have

loved music all my life, so I want to pursue it as a


Every few years BRYO goes on an international tour.  In April 2017 BRYO had a tour to the USA to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of the New York Music Festival. It was an adjudicated performance and we got a gold award. BRYO has been invited back to play at the New York Music Festival again in 2021.

One of my music subjects in high school included assessment where we had to write and record our own music. This is when I became interested in producing music. We were to record a song using the digital audio workstation called ProTools. My teachers gave me help to learn how to use it and I still have an interest in recording and producing music.

In high school I was also involved in a small band with a few friends. Here is a cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself that we recorded and released on YouTube.

In five years I would like to see myself on the stage. I would like to release an album and record it myself. I love performing and I also love being in the studio. I would like to  join a band and possibly be making music with them and touring as well. I chose to do the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) at QUT over any other course because it sounded like the right one for me. As a violinist, I play a lot of classical music, however, I mainly listen to and love more contemporary styles. I am inspired by Lindsey Stirling who creates and performs a contemporary style on violin and I hope to write songs like hers and perform them.

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